About MediValtz

“MediValtz” An Online Medical Record Storing Service, allows you to “Create, Store, Share and View” the stored medical records. The Unique feature of MediValtz is that records can be shared with your Doctor through a Web Link and he can also view an image and its related report simultaneously (Example Scan and its Report, Xray and its Report). MediValtz also provides you with “Your Emergency Medical Info Card” containing your information about your Blood Group, Allergies and Ailment, etc.

The sharing of the Medical records with your consulting Doctor through web link reduces the need to carry physical record and also saves the time you have to spend with your Doctor

Digital India – the dream of the present government – MediValtz is our step towards the dream of Digital India and comes from the stable of Vamsoft Technolgy and Consultancy Pvt. Limited, Chennai.

Benefits To User

● Manage your medical records with ease and security.
● Need not carry hard copy of medical records during your visit to doctors.
● Share your medical records through web link in advance before visiting your doctor.
● Time saved as Doctor gets insight in advance from your shared reports.
● Maximise your consulting time with your Doctor.
● No constraints to consult only with the Doctors registered with us.

Benefits To Doctor

● Manage your time with patient’s effectively and efficiently.
● Save time and Maximise your revenue.
● Review the patient’s records, shared online, in advance without waiting for physical records.
● Discuss with your peers by sharing the patient’s records online thru weblink and get additional opinion.