Sphinx 1.1 designed to conduct online testing for

      • Business and training
        Test employees to assess their skills and training needs.
      • Recruitment
        Test candidates before they reach the interview. Send them a link and retrieve results instantly by email.
      • Education
        Conduct online exams in the classroom or at home, set practice tests and receive instant results.
      • Distance learning and online courses
        Roll out your tests locally or internationally and receive results instantly.
      • Self study
        Add practice quizzes and test yourself and your study group.


      • Developed using open source. No cost of ownership in terms of specific O/S or operating system license costs. Works in Linux server.
      • Sphinx is database independent and also can be run on a choice of application servers like Jboss, Weblogic etc., apart from Tomcat.
      • Added support for JDK1.6.
      • Sphinx also has got clustering support and can be deployed on a cluster of application servers, thereby providing excellent fail-over and load-balancing.
      • Integration with email server where ever available.

Functional Highlights

      • New look GUI design for users module accessed for taking the exam.
      • Customize the look and feel (Change Logo and Captions) for administrators. Administrators can change the look and feel of the take exam module by customizing the logos, footers, certificate background, certificate contents etc., . Each admin can create their preferred look (s) of the GUI.
      • Super Admin module to create and manage admin users. This brings in the concept of one IT person maintaining the various departmental Administrators. Upon creation of administrators, email can be sent to them automatically providing their user IDs and Passwords.
      • These multiple administrators can manage their own separate set of user & exams giving a departmental feature. One Admin users and exams are not visible to other admin. Every admin work in their own sandbox.
      • A Department Admin can create additional backup Admin for their logins to manage the same set of user and exams in case of their absence. They don’t have to reveal their user IDs and passwords.
      • Provision for the admin user to unlock.
      • If the user closes the browser unknowingly or the test session interrupted due to some other problem he cannot log in again. In such scenarios Users can make a request to admin to release the lock
      • Using this functionality Admin can unlock the user that enables the user to continue the test from where the left.
      • Exams can be configured by admin in such a way that either the users have to complete the exams within one login session or the users can take up the exam over number of login sessions.
      • Define number of allowable splits for each user. The number of sessions over which an user can complete one attempt of an exam is configurable.
      • Assign change password utility to users after each attempt or retain the same password for all attempts.
      • Assign permission to users for viewing detailed answers.
      • Apart from the overall exam pass percentage, the exams can be configured to have topic wise pass percentage. The users are deemed to have passed the exam, if and only if they have passed the exam threshold as well as topic threshold.
      • Option for assigning negative marks to the questions. Exam questions can be marked with negative marks for wrong answers.
      • Option for partial or all questions must be answered. Administrator can configure exams in such a way that either all the questions must be compulsorily answered or some questions can be left unanswered.
      • Launch screen with display of intelligent tool tip messages to users about status of their exams. On the list page for the exams, Sphinx gives intelligent messages regarding the status of the exams like whether all questions are must, whether negative marks are applied etc.
      • DATA back up facility at the admin level to take back up.
      • Bulk data upload through pre defined Excel formats.