Internal and External Surveys

  • employees to input their views
  • Conduct multiple surveys
  • Facility to input by three levels (Employees. Manager and Senior Manager
  • Survey Analysis reports
  • Individual mark sheets
  • Comparison reports
  • Department and Sub department classification to attaché employees
  • Input Questions and options through Excel
  • Bulk data upload through pre defined Excel formats
  • DATA Backup facility
  • Employees to validate their performance


  • Conduct online surveys on Education and receive instant analysis.
  • Integration to existing HR Management system


  • Developed using open source. No cost of ownership in terms of specific O/S or operating system. Works in Linux server
  • Sphinx S/A is database independent and also can be run on a choice of application servers like Jboss, Weblogic etc., apart from Tomcat
  • Added support for JDK1.6
  • Sphinx S/A also has got clustering support and can be deployed on a cluster of application servers, thereby providing excellent fail-over and load-balancing
  • Integration with email server where ever available